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Understanding 'THE BASE' - Your Mind, Body & Soul.

"So what's all this about?" I hear you asking.

"It seems a little strange to talk about the Mind, Body & Soul and Fast Bowling. Isn't that stuff for yoga or meditation retreats?"

Well you definitely could see it that way but the answer is much more simple.

If I want to develop a 'Better Fast Bowler', I need an effective approach. So if you're wondering why the 'Base' is important it falls under this category. Here's a simple framework that explains how you can approach developing a better fast bowler.

Now, when I discuss 'Performance'. Which is the primary role for a coach & mentor like myself. The process usually goes:

  • I analyse and assess a Fast Bowler.

  • Develop an 'Individual Performance Program'.

  • Implement the Individual Performance Program (Coach, Adapt, Problem Solve).

  • Evaluate and then go again!

But here's the key piece of information. It's important that you understand theres something that 'underpins' this performance coaching process.

Essentially it means it comes before performance focused training and it is going to have a strong influence on how successful your performance training is going to be.

You are an individual. With your own genetic make-up that makes you unique as a person.

You have a body (biology), a mind (psychology) and a personality with values, morals, ethics, culture and possibly religion (soul). So when I put 'YOU' into a performance focused program. I need you to have a strong 'Base' so you can achieve the most out of your individual performance program.

Looking through the diagram you can see a few things. I'd like to focus on the 'Performance Triangle' starting with YOU and your Mind, Body & Soul. Then if you look further up the framework you can see the relationship between a coach and a Fast Bowler (athlete).

Then we get into the performance training programs that develop a 'Better Fast Bowler'. So these are the components that underpin your performance. Disregard them at your own peril!

Because if you think about it now:

  • How effective is a gym session going to be if your body isn't right? You could injure yourself or burn out and find it even harder to perform on game days.

  • How well are you going to be able to perform under pressure if your mind is scattered? You'll lose focus, worry about failing more and find it ever harder to perform on game days.

  • Are you going to be able to play in a team that has a poor culture that goes against your values? Will you be able to stay focused or will the poor culture impact your ability to focus. You may then find it ever harder to perform on game days.

So when I'm overseeing your 4 week individual performance program we will be in regular communication to adapt and adjust as necessary depending on how your Mind, Body & Soul is fluctuating through our time together.

Or if you arrive at a session and you've got something happening in life thats troubling your mind. We can discuss is it, or monitor how you're feeling during the session and adjust things accordingly.

I have never had a Fast Bowler complete a program exactly as its written.

The power of coaching lies in how well we adjust and problem solve based on the constant flux of individual variables that can impact the effectiveness of your individual performance program.

The worst thing I believe a coach could do is ignore an individuals base and compromise their health, put them at risk of injury and ruin their ability to develop their performance which will likely have a serious impact on their mind.

Hope this explained it for you! If you ave any questions feel free to create an account and comment.

- Stubbzy

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